Why Excel Gradebook?

Organize and automate your class management using the ease and power of Microsoft Excel. Excel Gradebook will help you keeping track of your students' grades, attendance, automate calculations, and save you hours of work.


Automated Calculations

Instant and automatic calculation of all evaluations' grades. Optional and automatic curve of final grades.

Attendance Tracking

Visual attendance tracking system that triggers email notifications to students missing classes and deduct points for absences if needed. Option to track attendance by swiping ID cards.

One Click PDF Reports & Logs

Complete series of PDF reports available with just one click. Customizable and automated logging of class events.

Dashboard & Statistics

Graphical dashboard showing students' statistics and class settings.

Email Notifications

Customizable email notifications to students based on class events.

Adaptable, Reusable, Simple

Wizard style set-up that adapts to your syllabus. Password protection of your data. Portable and reusable Microsoft Excel file.

How to Get Excel Gradebook

Download the free trial here. Activate your license for only $799 per computer.


Download & Install in the computer you wish to license.

  • When prompted, select 'Yes' to purchase or 'No' to start the trial.
  • If purchasing, press 'Buy' at the registration screen and move to Step 2.


Purchase & Activate for Only $7.99 by entering your serial number (generated by Excel Gradebook) on the field bellow and pressing the 'Buy' button.

  • Press the 'Buy Now' button bellow and complete payment using Paypal.
  • Restart Excel Gradebook to activate your license.
  • Repeat the process to register additional computers.

Pay Safe With Paypal

Videos & Screenshots

Excel Gradebook's videos and screenshots.


Who is behind Excel Gradebook?

Excel Gradebook is the result of many years of work and grade tracking. When I first started to teach, I found myself needing a way to keep track of my students' grades, logs, and attendance. I needed a system that was portable, customizable, could be used offline, and was easy to use. I started using Microsoft Excel to accomplish this and kept adding new features until Excel Gradebook was born.

Sergio Pisano

Dr. Sergio Pisano

Ed.D. Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership
M.S. Telecommunications and Networking
B.S. Systems Engineering

Dr. Pisano has a passion for technology, education, and people. He teaches college engineering and technology courses since 2011, has created several software tools, and his research is focused on increasing students' engagement in the classroom by using novel teaching and learning methodologies. For more information click here.


Frequently asked questions
  • Do I need to have Microsoft Excel to use this software?: Yes. You need to have Microsoft Excel installed on a Windows computer.

  • Does it work with Excel 2013 and 2016?: Yes. It has been tested to work in Excel 2010, 2013, and 2016 using Windows XP SP3, 7, 8, and 10. It is recommended to download the trial and test the system before purchasing.

  • Do I need to know how to use Excel to use this?: No. Once the set-up wizard is completed, just enter the grades in the appropriate cells as your class progresses. Excel Gradebook will do the rest.

  • Does it work on a Mac?: Excel Gradebook has not been tested in Apple computers.

  • What are the limitations of the trial?: You can use the trial 10 times. The ability to edit, add, and remove students is restricted as is the option to edit the class details.

  • Why do I get an error or nothing happens when I click on an email link or when email notifications are triggered?: You must have a default e-mail client software (e.g. Outlook) for e-mail notifications to work.

  • How much does it cost?: Currently it costs $7.99 to register one device.

  • Once I purchase the software, can I add calculations and functionality to it?: Yes. You can create new sheets and use most of Excel's functionality (VBA code is restricted).

  • I forgot to add the registration serial number when I bought my license on Paypal, what should I do?: Send me an e-mail with the corresponding serial number attached. Please be sure this is the right code you need to activate and that you are using the same email you used in Paypal. If your claim is valid, I will activate your license.

  • I forgot my password. Can you help me recover it?: Sorry, there is no way to recover your password.