Class Management using Excel

Excel Gradebook is a complete system to keep track of students' grades using Microsoft Excel.
It is filled with features to save teachers' time and automate class management.

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Fully automatic calculation of grades.

Adaptable & Reusable

Can be customized, adapted, and reused in all your courses.

Curve of Grades

Settleable automatic curve of grades.

One Click Reports

Assortment of one click PDF reports.

Email Notifications

Students' notifications on absences & missed assignments.

Attendance Tracking

Track students' attendance easily and from one place.

Classroom Dashboard

Monitor performance and statistics from the Dashboard.

Automated Logs

Full logging for compliance & historical reference.

Set-up Wizard

Set up your class in seconds using our easy to use and fast Wizard.


Settleable password to protect all your data.


All your class information in one central place.


Portable and easy to use in any computer.

About Me

Excel Gradebook is the result of many years of work and grade tracking. When I first started to teach I found myself needing a way to keep track of my students' grades. Although my school offered several LMS systems they were restrictive, overly complicated, and not portable. Like many other teachers I started using Microsoft Excel to accomplish this. With every passing year I keep incorporating more functionality until it evolved into a full class management application that I finally decided to share with the world. Excel Gradebook can save you hours of time and greatly help with class management with the simplicity of Microsoft Excel. Try it for free and see the difference. If you are interested in knowing more about me, please click here to visit my personal Web Site.


Videos & Screenshots

Check all of Excel Gradebook's features in our easy to follow demonstration videos, tutorials, and screenshots.

How To Get It

Download Excel Gradebook trial version and experience the system for free with just a few limitations. Once you are ready, activate your license for only $9.99 per computer. Activating your license is done in 3 easy steps:

Download ExcelGradebook v2.01 64bits

Download ExcelGradebook v2.01 32bits

Step 1: Download & Open

Download & install the application in the computer you wish to license (Microsoft Excel must be installed).

  • When prompted, click on Yes to buy the application (selecting No will start the trial).
  • The registration screen will open showing your generated serial number. Press the Buy button.

Step 2: Payment

Upon pressing the Buy button on the application this website will open automatically pasting your serial number in the appropriate section.

  • If for any reason nothing happens after pressing the Buy button, please enter the serial number manually bellow in the corresponding text box.
  • Press the PayPal's Buy Now button bellow and complete the secure payment process using Paypal.

Step 3: Activation

A few minutes after completing your payment, open Excel Gradebook again and your copy will be automatically activated.

  • Make sure you complete the installation successfully and are connected to the internet before activation.
  • Repeat the process to register additional computers.

Buy License ($9.99):

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Frequently Asked Questions