Updates History

9/16/2017 Version 2.2 Released:
  • Added help system.
  • Added several new log triggers.
  • Several minor fixes and adjustments.
9/8/2017 Version 2.1 Released:
  • New streamlined security engine to increase performance and stability.
  • Now you can drop, undrop, or add a custom log entry related to a student with just one click.
  • Reduced installation file size and other minor fixes.
10/3/2016 Version 2.01 Released:
  • New student's summary option to display all student's grades in one place.
  • New settable version checker/alert added.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the visibility of the Exams Sheet.
  • Other minor fixes.
6/30/2016 Version 2 Released:
  • New interface to automate tracking of attendance using magnetic ID cards.
  • New option to show grades usign letters (e.g. A-, B+, etc.)
  • Added toggle switches to the interface.
  • Compilation to the new 2.3 engine for better support in Excel 2016.
  • Minor Fixes.
4/17/2016 Version 1.9 Released: Minor Fixes & Updates:
  • Some users reported not being able to save their work due to lack of administrator privileges. It was discovered that some computers do not allow changes to be saved if the program was installed in the "Programs Files" folder. To fix this, the new setup will install ExcelGradebook in the C:\ folder by default.
  • Compilation to the new 2.2.1 engine for better support in Excel 2016.